A healthy life balance includes NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, STRESS MANAGEMENT, and SLEEP.

Let’s work together to get you balanced in all aspects!

It’s not just a Staycation,
it’s a StayHealthy.
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Plus, complimentary initial call to answer questions, and see what may be a best plan for you!

All clients will be added to my Facebook group where we can keep each other motivated and supported in these chaotic times!


CHECK-INS: Life is different with staying in so much! You’re out of the gym, and mere steps away from your kitchen. Need a 5-15 minute call to remind you to stay on track? Maybe a morning focus call; a verbal kick to do your home workout or go for a walk; a lunch time reminder to stretch; or a late afternoon call to ensure you don’t snack! Let’s get them scheduled and keep your habits moving!

[$50 $40 for 4 check-ins!]


NUTRITION COACHING: more in-depth, 45-minute sessions that can deal with menu planning, meal ideas, goal setting, education, gluten-free solutions, supplements, medical issues, and more. May require a health history, depending on the situation.

[$80 $64.80/session, additional discounts for bundles]


LIVE VIDEO TRAINING: Based on your goals, equipment, and home layout, you’ll get a personalized plan. We’ll set up video chat times so I can see you, and coach you (drill sergeant!) through the session. Anyone you want can join in at no extra cost! Just keep that Gathering to 10 or less 😉 For 30 or 60 minutes, 3 or 5 days per week

[30 min: $30/ea $24.30/ea]
[60 min: $60/ea $48.6/ea]
[Extra discounts for pre-paying full month!]

ADD ON CARDIO PLAN to your workout program, and get an outdoor running/walking plans with intervals, styles, and goals! (or can tailor to indoor if you have equipment)

[$15/week now $12.15/week]


Just need someone to talk to because you’re used to being an extrovert and now you’re feeling trapped? Let’s chat and get you in the Facebook Group!

Self-quarantined but need something from the store, or some errand run? If location works, I will help you out!

Prices for miscellaneous set by service, distance, duration, etc. We can discuss via phone or email

Use Promo Code flattenthecurve for
19% off all services!

I thought I knew what to expect as far as nutrition goes. However, Kate taught me so much about how my body functions, and what I can do to improve it. I sleep well now have so much more energy, not just for working out, but for life. Thanks Kate!!

Nicole W.

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