Hello and welcome! (And to you Buckeyes, “O-H-!”)

If you’ve found this site, you’re probably looking for some help and guidance, and perhaps have even had (too many!) doctors, specialists, or friends telling you that your labs are “normal,” they can’t find anything, perhaps it’s all in your head… You’re frustrated, tired, and feel like you need someone on your side!

I imagine you are looking for validation, answers, and health restoration of a new and better “normal”. 

Let’s talk!



What do you do as a Dietitian/Nutritionist with an Integrative and Functional Approach?

I want to look at your whole life story! Many symptoms and illnesses, especially autoimmune diseases, begin with a build-up of factors, and then something triggers the deluge of disease. In addition to nutritional recommendations, we will discuss movement, sleep, stress, and more. When one aspect has gone awry, it can have a ripple effect to other areas of your hormones, health, and wellness. I want to help treat the problem, not just mask the symptoms.

How is it different than what other health care professionals do?

I want to look at root causes! Many health professionals look at their one specialty area, and either say “you’re normal” or point out a diagnosis then treat the symptoms with medication. But your labs can be “within normal limits” without being Optimal, and you know you just don’t feel “right” or as good as you should.

Do you have three different doctors for three different conditions? The underlying factors may all be connected. I want to help be a hub of information, coordinating your care, and get you re-balanced and feeling your best.

Think of a conventional health professional as a Life Guard at the pool. They are there when you feel like you’re starting to drown, jump in, and help get you back to normal. They are well educated and trained in that rescue. But think of what I do as more of a Swim Coach. I want to stand by, teach you, empower you, taking as much time as you need to feel comfortable or zipping ahead if you’re ready, so that you can eventually swim on your own and flourish in the waters of wellness without getting to the point of needing rescue!

Do I have to live in Dublin? How do Sessions work? 

You do not!  If you are in Dublin, OH, and the situation calls for it, we may meet up for an in-person physical assessment. But the standard session is done virtually via the phone, email, or possibly video chat. Get help from anywhere!

This also means we can work together if you’re traveling, on vacation, or just want to rest in your own bed!

So how is my Privacy Protected?

As of now, videoconferencing and email cannot be guaranteed to be HIPAA and Privacy Protected. You would sign a form saying you agree to communicate via those methods. You can read the Privacy Policy here.

How do payments and insurance work?

The Discovery Session and Nutrition Sessions are paid before hand to reserve your appointment time. Prices are based on which package you and I agree would be the best fit for you. At this time, I do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. If you have a HSA/FSA card, it might be accepted but each case is different.  You can read more about session packages and pricing here.

What is Kate’s Background?

  • BS in Dietetics from the University of Cincinnati
  • Dietetic Internship with The Ohio State University
  • Over 10 years experience as a Registered Dietitian
  • Five years clinical experience overseas
  • Training in Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status with Academy Medical Systems
  • Registered Yoga Teacher, trained in India
  • Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Foundational Training in Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Undergoing Training in Comprehensive Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy

You can read more about me and my own health journey here.

What Is “Adventure Bound Fitness & Nutrition” and why is it on everything?

One of my first inspirations! As a health and fitness professional, the first direction clients ask for was creating workout and nutrition programs to prepare them to go do some new-to-them “adventure.” The idea was, for example, a 3 month program to boost the confidence and needed abilities to prepare for a weekend Snowboarding/Skiing adventure! Thus, this was the LLC name when I first began.

However, as I worked with more and more people, a greater need seemed to be arising to help with digestive turmoil, “mystery” illnesses, and a more comprehensive health and nutrition approach to wellness. So I simply expanded my work on this site, and grew to incorporate various health maladies, stress management and life balance, but still with an area for ABFN, which was the original Company I started. My goal is to help all of my clients reclaim so much of their own health and vibrancy that they can train for their own new Adventure one day!

I have some other questions, how can I ask them?

Fill out this contact form, and I’ll get in touch with you!

This all sounds great! How do I get started?

Great! You’re about to start on your path towards discovery and healing!  Email Kate at kcampbell.rd@gmail.com with your top 1-3 concerns, symptoms, and requests, and I will contact you. If we feel it is a good fit to work together, we will move forward with determining the best package for you, get you a more Comprehensive Health History form, getting you your Welcome Kit, and scheduling your first Discovery Session! (Read about these different session types here)

Let’s work together to get you looking and feeling your best!